Running for my Grandfather, Running for Gilda’s


My Grandfather, my Brother and me

My Grandfather, my Brother and me

What can you do when you go in for a routine procedure and learn you have cancer? You LIVE. What can you do when someone you love goes in for a routine procedure and learns they have cancer? You LIVE for them. You live and breathe and push as hard as you can for them. You run. And you keep running. And if it helps them live, if it helps them breathe, if it inspires them to push on, you will run a marathon.

If you want to help other folks like you to be able to live their lives in the face of cancer, then you run a marathon for Gilda’s Club.

Cancer can happen to an 88 year old. Cancer can happen to a two year old. And when cancer happens, it also happens to everyone who loves them. Gilda’s Club is here to help everyone with cancer in their lives – for free. Gilda’s Club helps those with cancer in their lives LIVE their lives despite cancer. And we can all help.

I am running the New York City Marathon for my Grandfather – the man who inspired me to start running and the man who inspires me to keep running until I reach the summit. Please help me run for him by helping all of us who have cancer in our lives.  Support Gilda’s Club and their mission to offer a place where men, women and children living with cancer – and their families and friends – can join together to build social and emotional support FREE of charge.

Consider sponsoring a member for one year at Gilda’s Club by donating $500. Considering sponsoring a cancer survivor and their loving partner, too, who attends a family group by donating $1000. Any amount will help Gilda’s Club to continue to fulfill the dream Gilda Radner had as she learned to live her life with cancer. Please sponsor me in my effort to help us all LIVE in a world with cancer.

Thank you!



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